Shoot Memories # 002 December 29 - 2004

My second nude shoot (first solo) was with a model named Sarah.  I can't remember if I met her on deviantArt or somewhere else.  But she definitely was on deviantArt.  Anyhow, she was one of a few bay area models that were around back in December 2004 and I really wanted to work with her as she seemed chill and I figured I'd be able to learn a lot shooting with her.  I rented a Studio in the SOMA district of San Francisco.  I had never used studio lights on my own and showed up early to get a quick demo of how they worked.  This is where I learned about shutter speed and strobes.  For those that don't know, there is a certain speed above which, the shutter on your camera closes before the flash is finished flashing, so really the right thing to do is to set your shutter speed just below that maximum sync speed and adjust either the light or your f-stop to set your exposure.  Anyway, we shot for I think two hours and got a reasonable amount of good work (for a first solo shoot with no instruction whatsoever).  

I was tempted to go back and edit some of these but I decided that I really wanted the photos to be seen just as I had edited them at the time.  The whole point of this exercise is for both me (and the reader if there are any) to see how my work progressed (if at all) over time.  So, without further ado, have a look.  

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