Mallorca - October 2017 - Part One.

In late October of this year, I found myself in Spain for my day job.  I am allowed to take some personal time at the end (or beginning) of trips and I ALWAYS take advantage of this.  Why wouldn't you?  My plan this time was to visit the Baleric Islands (specifically Mallorca) for a long weekend at the end of the trip. Originally my girlfriend was going to join me but she had a tragic death in her family and was unable to join me. I contacted a model friend of mine who is studying in Florence for the year to see if perhaps she wanted to come.  She said she was game and asked if her friend Alexis could join us (not to model, but to hang out).  Of course, that was fine with me, so we purchased tickets and all was planned.  I flew out Friday the 20th.  Before heading to my airBNB, I had some time to kill so I took a small tour of the island.  Using the google stalker (er timeline) I kept track of where I went and so, throughout this blog, I'll show what's up.  I drove North into the beautiful mountains on the island.


I had no expectations for the scenery I was about to see but was pleasantly surprised when I got up into the mountains.  The only downside was I could find anywhere to pull over to get some shots!  As an aside, this place appeared to be a mecca for cyclists, they were everywhere on the road.  I was able to finally find a spot and pull over to grab some photos.  Here's 3.  



After a bit of that, I realized I needed to be across the island to check into my airBNB.  I was only about 10 minutes late which was a bit of a miracle considering how little I knew about the roads.  Once I got settled into by spot at Cala Morlanda  (I would return here in a hot second), I ran out to get some food (which it turns out I bought the perfect breakfast foods for my guests).  Once I got back, I did some scouting for the planned shoot with Mauvais the next day.   Then, it was back to the airport (late...their flight was delayed) and finally back to the house for the night.

Mauvais was game for getting up early for a sunrise so, we did.  And, boy were we glad we did.  It was, quite simply amazing.  The area near the house I rented had cliffs that dropped directly into the sea which mad for a spectacular backdrop.  A map of the area can be seen here. 


A galley of the best images can be seen below.  

After the attempt at underwater...which turns out to be harder than it looks!  Next time, I need a weight belt and deeper water :)


After that it was home to a wonderful breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast.  A brief rest and then on for the rest of the amazing day in part 2!!!