Shoot Memories # 004 January 24 - 2005

Persis was my second photo studio shoot and by far the best I had to that date.  The studio was hers that she shared with another photographer.  She was helpful, full of ideas and really fun to work with.  She was the model who introduced me to oil and water and who showed me the details of how to make it happen (grape seed oil is the oil I still use for oil and water shoots).  I also tried experimenting with some light painting with a laser pointer as well as some timed stuff with me wandering about her with a light.  

Sadly, for me, but happily for her, she retired from modeling soon after this shoot and moved to Oregon or Washington to start a farm. I kept track of her for a while but have since lost contact.  She was very influential on getting me really into the nude as an art form.

Shortly after this shoot, I came clean with my ex-wife about what I had been doing.  I had clearly gone off the rails in terms of not being honest with her, mostly because I was afraid of how she would react and stop me from doing this thing I had really wanted to do my entire life.  And, of course, that is exactly what happened.  We spent the next 6-8 months in therapy...interestingly enough our therapist happened to be an ex-model and was somewhat sympathetic to my plight.  And, this was also when I discovered my real dislike of talk therapy for solving anything, but that's a different story for another time.  

For now, enjoy the photos....