Shoot Memories #005 December 4 -2005

As I mentioned in my last blog, my excitement about shooting nudes for the first time in my life overshadowed my better judgement in not telling my ex wife (wife at the time) of what I was up to.  This was a serious break in our relationship and was entirely my fault for not being trusting enough that either she would be OK with it, or she would shut me down.  I can't blame her for shutting me down and pushing us into therapy.  I'm a flawed human like all of us.  I won't go into all the details of how the therapy went, but obviously there were other issues in our marriage that had not been resolved so we spent time working through many of those.  But at the end, it was "resolved" that if I could find a "legitimate" workshop and/or perhaps work with a male model (to I guess show I wasn't just a perv and only interested in females) then I could perhaps, maybe, return to shooting other models and such.  So, I found Alvin (I think via Craigslist).  He was my first nude male model and was great to work with.  It was a new experience for me both because I wasn't really used to being around nude dudes, but also, I hadn't spent my life looking at and enjoying male nudes so the vision of what I was tying to capture was a bit obscured by my own bias towards the female form. It was a successful shoot I thought and fulfilled my requirement for shooting a male nude.