Iceland Trip Log

I'm going to write down where we went and what we did a bit (including maps and images) just so I have a record of where we went and what we did...

Firs off, Iceland was amazing, and I'm officially  in love.  We were only there for 5 nights and I wish we had more.  We stayed mainly in the Southern portion though we did take a jaunt to the somewhat middle on our second day.  

I've included some google tracking below so you can see where we went

We flew out on the 8th and arrived the morning of the 9th (early), so we had to keep ourselves busy for a few hours before we could check into our airbnb.  I took a drive down to Landeyjahöfn which was a cool black sand beach and also a port where boats go out to the islands. I also stopped at Seljalandsfoss which was a pretty cool waterfall where I had to pay roughly $7 to park.  I chose not to walk behind it and get my new camera all wet.











The next day (August 10th we met up with a model I hired for the day and headed up into the inland for some shooting and adventure going on the Icelandic famous F roads.  We had a fabulous day that included waterfalls and volcanic wasteland as well as Iceland's famous moss.


It was a long and beautiful day!  The next day (August 11th) we drove to our next airbnb and stopped by a cool (but warm) pool on the way as well as the famous mossy canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur.  On the way back to our airbnb, we stopped for some photos in the amazingly huge lava moss fields.  I flew my drone a bit and got some cool overhead shots too.


The next day (the 12th) was perhaps our biggest day.  This was the day for the icebergs and ice beach.  But we first wanted to stop by the moss canyon and see if we could get some photos before everyone showed up; we were in luck. 


The 13th was a long drive across the south.  Just before we drove into Vik, we all noticed a pretty waterfall that looked like it was easily accessible.  so we stopped and took some photos.


Trying to get closer to that lighthouse nearly ruined our day when I got a little aggressive with our rented SUV... 

Our last day came too fast, but we made the best of it.  We got up early to get to Kleifarvatn early enough to shoot before tourists showed up.  And sure enough they did, but not before we got some good shots.  


And for some reason both my silly traveling companions wanted to be pose nekid near sheep, so, lol, that was the last shots we tried to get :)

This was a really wonderful trip and the only thing I wish is that we had more time.  

Iceland...I'll be back!