Shoot Memories #008 June 3 - 2007

So, ya, I was in an interesting point in my life in 2007.  I had been driving to my place of work 50 miles each way for about 4 years.  In addition, I was on call pretty much 24/7 if things went wrong with the big physics machine we were running.  It was mostly the commute, but it was also the hours, so I was looking around for a new job.  I landed an offer from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and so told my boss I was gonna take it (shorter commute, less hours etc).  Well, that got their attention.  They gave me a retention bonus, a raise and offered to send me to a conference (any conference).  So, I chose the big microwave conference that was being held in Oahu...

I made contact with 3 models while over there.  One of them was Stephanie.  She wanted to do a GQ style shoot on Kauai, and so we did.  This was by far one of the most fun shoots I've every had.  Saul (the dude), was a total handsome stud and Stephanie was totally beautiful as was the secret beach location on the North end of Kauai.  I flew over, Stephanie picked me up and drove me to the "secret" beach and then Saul joined us later.  It was really a wonderful afternoon with a couple of beautifully wonderful people.

In addition, I had come to the conclusion, for better or worse that my wife was never going to be OK with me shooting, so, I took it underground.  This was a serious breach in marital trust and I just didn't care.  What a POS I was.  I convinced myself that I wasn't doing anything wrong.  I still feel that way about shooting, I wasn't doing anything wrong.  However, what I did do wrong was lie (or keep it secret) from my wife.  I regret this deeply, but also feel like it gave us a few more years of marriage in reasonable happiness.  I would have been a mopey dope had I not had this outlet that I had just discovered (my life was feeling pretty bleh at this point)...but..that was just me being selfish, no doubt about it.'s the photos.