Shoot Memories #009 June 04 - 2007

It was on this trip where I bought the crystal ball that I still use today.  I'm not sure where I got the idea, but I'm pretty sure I had never seen it used with nudes before, so, it's sort of become one of my signature styles.  I don't bring it to every shoot but I often do.  And sometimes when I do, I forget to use it.  It has to be the right situation and the right model.

I had used it on the previous shoot in Hawaii with Stephanie, but only in a few shoots.  At this shoot, with Iris, I really started to use it in earnest.  We started out in a studio I rented on Oahu and got some pretty decent shots.  Every time, even to this day, I fool around in a studio, things never quite go as I expected, but still tend to turn out cool.  Anyway, after that, she told me about a place called China Walls on Oahu.  It's on the other side of the bay on the far side of diamond head from Waikiki. What a location!  And, we had it to ourselves because it was sort of a rainy afternoon which made for amazing light.  A couple of surfers were hanging about not doing much surfing :)  It was a wonderful afternoon working with a great model in unbelievable scenery.  A success.  If I wasn't already hooked on nude shooting by this point, I was after.