Shoot Memories # 003 January 11 - 2005

More Sarah today.  I think I only got to shoot with her twice as I caught her right at the end of her career.  I'm pretty sure she's a mom now still living somewhere in the Bay Area.  At this point, her kids might even be in middle school.  For this shoot, I decided to try renting a place for an afternoon.  This was a small B&B out in Stinson Beach.  The place was small, the light was OK, and I still really wasn't sure what I was doing and I think it shows in the images.  Both in the edits (where I was doing things like adding glamour glow etc), but also just in how I was framing things and such.  Sarah was again great to work with however and it was an enjoyable afternoon.  I wish I had had more shoots with her.  This shoot took place in January 2005.  

At this point, I hadn't told my ex-wife what I had been up to.  Mostly because I was worried about her reaction, which later turned out to be exactly what I expected.  However, I did want to tell her and had plans to...but that didn't come till after one more shoot, which will hopefully be tomorrow's blog.